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What is Laravel Collections?

The site tagline reads - “Every Laravel Developers Goto Resource”. I know, this is ambitious, but how else are you going to get the attention of the Laravel community.

To put it simply, the site houses hundreds of links to Laravel resources (articles, tutorials, video, etc) organized into useful categories. Pretty simple, ah. If you are a Laravel developer looking for, let say TDD tutorial, you should be able to find great tutorials from the community, here.

The idea behind the site?

This is mostly a ‘scratch your own itch’ kind of project, let me explain. I used to bookmark every tutorial, guide, video on Laravel when I got started learning the PHP framework. After a point, the list grew past my organizing abilities. So I needed a way to tag each link and search them with ease. This is the primary reason.

My other reason is. About a month or so back, I decided to share all these links I have collected over the last 2 years. So I created a Telegram Channel (Laravel Links) and a bot to share a link every 12 hours. This Telegram channel had a greater reception with developers than I thought. After about a week, I started receiving feedback from the channel subscribers that it was hard to look for old posts and one subscriber asked me if all these links could be listed on a website. That’s when the light bulb went off.

My blog post has more detail about the launch.

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